Friday, March 1, 2013

Rite of Passage

It's beginning to become crunch time to complete this EP.  We only have one song left to mix and then we'll go back and listen to everything again and then on to mastering.  Alot of time has been put into mixing each song and making it sound exactly how we want it to sound.  The hardest part aside from getting all of the instruments to sound good together, is adding effects to vocals.  We like to use reverb and delay effects in a few songs.  We have to decide how fast we need the delay, how many repeats.  Sometimes it's really hard to actually create the effect you hear in your head.  Once we finally get the results we're looking for we really start to see the way the album is going to turn out.  BearKnuckle feels this album is going to be very "professional" sounding and as if it were made in a really nice studio and made by some really over paid producer.  This is album is totally produced, recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered by BearKnuckle.  The equipment we have is just good enough for us to scrape by and make something that is worth a shit.  I am playing the opening track "Rite of Passage" over and over and over and over.  Nick and I wrote this song together, or the main parts of it atleast, when we were 15.  It started out totally instrumental and contained only 2 of the actual riff's from the song you'll hear on the album.  This was like our first "real" song,  and surly the only song that stuck with us from back then.  We had written a few other songs before that, but those were all eventually overlooked.  This song which was written by inspiration from at the time Nick's new flanger pedal, we originally called the song "Flange".  The title "Rite of Passage" wasn't thrown in until we started demoing it with our first band Sanus Valde.  Though we never ended up using the song with Sanus Valde for the short career we had, it's now definitely my favorite BearKnuckle song!  I feel like the name of this song is relavent to many aspects about the album and all of the work being put into it.  This album really is our rite of passage so to say into a new caliber of life for us.  For Nick, Willie and I we never have released music that we are actually getting such a good response from, and never had something to really be anticipated by the fans.  This is our first real fan base.  We want the rite of passage to move forward with our career and our music and adulthood.  This rite of passage is how we are going to prove ourselves to the world.  Being that this song is so old, it's like it was meant to be on this album.  This band was meant to happen, this rite of passage is imminent.  I am in love with this band, and this album and this happenstance.


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  1. I'm so happy that your passion is so fulfilling...can't think of a better way to be happy! Looking forward to the EP.