Monday, February 4, 2013


I'm sitting here listening to our latest mix of our next single we're going to release.  It is an awesome feeling hearing the final product.  Considering I've never really heard a solid recording of this song until now, and I'm really impressed with what we as a band can put together and all collectively produce.  It gives me high hopes for our album and our future.  It feeds the burning need to create.  We have had this song arranged for over 2 years and now it is finally going to see light in a recording.  This gives me so much satisfaction.  I'm going to gloat here.  I'm really happy with what we are going to be releasing. I'm really happy about this album and I think you are all going to love it!  This only makes me more exciting about recording our next album, and hearing all of these new songs on through speakers.  All I do is music, I stay up to late hours at night creating music.  So when I'm finally able to hear it on a real recording, it's what I have been trying to accomplish from the beginning.  Everything that I write is intended to be recorded.  Recording comes to no permanent satisfaction.  There is always something I'd like to change on my bass line or how i sing a melody or anything at all really.  Something always needs to be louder, or something always needs to be turned down.  I'll never know the true way I want to hear a song.  I guess that's the hard part about recording.  Mixing and mastering, are the hardest task because everyone wants to hear a song differently, and will have a different reaction to a certain mixing style.  The whole band sitting in the room together mixing the song makes a huge difference in the way it turns out.  We are all put forth various ideas of how we think it should sound, and then it becomes the final product.  I suppose we will all collectively become better at mixing by the time we are done with this album, and moving into the next album, we will have alot more experience together with recording and mixing and the whole long process that brought us all closer together.  Our collection of studio gear will continue to grow so we'll surely have a better sounder record the next time around; but for this current album we used everything we have, which just got by.  We will continue to get by on our own making records.  Hit us up if you want help making a killer record!  BearKnuckle Productions here we come.


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  1. Looking forward to receiving my copy of BearKnuckle's EP!