Sunday, December 9, 2012


I think with BearKnuckle being the name of this blog; I suppose, that it may sorta of be like my pen name.  I (Rory) will probably be managing this blog most of the time anyways.  I just got done jamming on my drum set for about 2 hours; and for me drums are so inspiring, especially when picking up my bass afterwards.  Sometimes I go long periods of time without playing drums and focusing on guitar more; but in the end, I always come back to bass.  Surely bass feels more like home because thats what I learned music on.  The thing is, when you play other instruments; it gives you so much perspective on how to compose ideas.  Having a good understanding of music theory makes picking up other instruments almost like an instinct.  Music theory is essentially a way to verbally communicate a music idea without having to play it, but also the concepts of music theory are basically the "rules" of music.  I feel like part of becoming a well rounded musician is learning these "rules".  It's almost like being illiterate and being ignorant to proper every day vocabulary and communication.  Knowing these rules will make communicating through music all the easier.  Part of knowing the "rules" of music theory, is also knowing how to break the rules.  Most of the time when I write music, I am always trying to break the rules; it really helps to create a very diverse song; with very offsetting feelings in the music.  I have found hardest part of theory, is keeping yourself from thinking about the theory concepts too much, and finding yourself stuck, and confused.  Theory is really only guidelines to keep in your sub-conscious while you are playing.  If you thinking about it too much while you're playing, you will surely find yourself stuck.  The point of music is to play what you feel, and thinking about theory while you're playing will most definitely take away from your feeling, and your spermatic impulse to improvise.  All of what I am saying is much like talking to someone, and when you stutter trying to say a word or you are trying to think of what word to use in mid sentence.  You have to just let yourself talk for you instead of actually thinking about talking.  Don't let the music theory do the talking, let your self, your'e being, your heart do the talking.  If you feel it, it is supposed to happen.  Sort of like, if it sounds good, it's right.  Alot of music is written like that.  If it works it works, even if it is breaking the "rules".   This has been my rant on music theory.  I think I've run out of things to say about it for now.  Don't want to give myself a headache.  Thanks for reading!



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  2. What a thoughtful, beautifully written post! You've just described the Zen of music here...just think what can happen when this theory is translated into every day life. Going with the flow is the only way to go.