Saturday, December 8, 2012

New blog!

Hey everyone!

Rory here, bassist and one of the vocalist's for BearKnuckle. Not only is this my first ever blog that I've written, but the first of many for BearKnuckle.  The content of this blog will be very broad, ranging from our music, other music, and all things far and between.  As a band, we are very amused by pretty much everything, so we will write about everything!  I personally have been playing gigs on the music scene since I was 17, and I feel in the last 5 years I have gained alot of experience, and I've enjoyed every minute of it.  Music is my life and it always feels so great to have positive feedback about BearKnuckle.  I put in alot of time writing and arranging music, to contribute to BearKnuckle.  So for me hearing good feedback about our music, is of the highest monetary value.  Me and my twin brother Nick (guitarist for BearKnuckle) have been writing music together since we started playing our instruments at the age 14.  We started our first band during the end of our senior year in high school, called Sanus Valde, we released a demo album, but never really went very far with it.  Aside from starting a band in high school, we also made two very good friends Willie "Fune" Williams (Lead singer of BearKnuckle) and his brother Chad Williams.  To this day, we are a tight group of friends.  Before co-founding BearKnuckle, Willie was primarily a hip-hop artist, performing regularly on the rap scene.  Being such great friends with me and Nick, we all wanted to have a band together someday.  Even when we were in high school, we always thought it would be great.  Over the last 2 years, our fantasy has slowly turned into reality.  After spending over a year searching for a drummer, we finally landed one off of craigslist.  That drummer is Donny Dey, our current drummer and co-founding member of BearKnuckle.  Over the last year or so we have been writing and performing music together, and we are currently recording our debut album; which we hope to have released in February.  BearKnuckle is my baby, and of all the bands I play with including Craigger White band, Rainbow Bridge, KDence, Micah Brown, and all the fill in gigs I do; BearKnuckle is home for me.  It is where I really put all of my passion and time.  BearKnuckle has goals, we want to go places, and we want to take all of you with us too!  So here is to the climb, and to our first blog!

Stay classy Atlanta


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  1. So glad you guys are all living the dream. I'm proud to be the mom of such talented musicians and all around nice guys. Have fun with the blog!