Monday, December 10, 2012

Why so heavy?

Why all the metal?  Why do I enjoy the heavy side of things when it comes to alot of music?  I mean I love many forms of music, from very light and elegant sounding music, to the most brutal heavy death metal.  Metal to me is a very expressive form of music; it really does take a certain person to like it though.  I feel that many things about life and the world are very dark, and sometimes very evil; and metal is something that I can relate to, from these feelings.  You are able to release your dark side so to speak, which for me brings out alot of my energy in general.  The musicians who write metal music, are playing things that make them feel a certain way; and that most definitely conveys into my feelings.  Part of the sounds that BearKnuckle creates, are very heavily influenced by the metal genre.  It's something that is deeply rooted in our playing styles and our personalities.  The need to be heavy!!  Though we also have a soft side and like to incorporate that aswell.  My personal favorite metal bands are Opeth, Mastodon, Gojira, and Isis.  I also love early metal bands such as Black Sabbath, UFO, and Deep Purple.  I will admit, there is alot of metal music that I don't like at all, but it's mainly the way the music is conveyed to me.  I feel there is alot of metal music, that is completely ignorant of melody, and I do not like those bands usually.  Melody has to exist for me to enjoy something, even drums can be melodic.  Everything has to do with phrasing when writing music.  Everyone is receptive to a different sort of phrasing.  Everyone has their own feeling.  The majority of music lover's, do not appreciate metal music.  With all of the screaming and growling, no one wants to listen to it!  You have to allow yourself to dig past your initial feeling of the sound.  Metal has all of the melody that less "brutal" forms of music have.  To me, metal is a complete evolution of music, especially when looking back at music like jazz music, where much of the music is played quite fast, sometimes reaching tempos incorporated in metal music.  Alot of metal music slows down to an almost blues like tempo, and really can reach your soul.  I suppose the point of this whole post, is really to speak out for metal music.  I feel like it is the bastard child of many listening palettes.  Metal needs to be appreciated.

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  1. I'm glad to have helped foster your love of metal by introducing you to Black Sabbath when you were small. It is masterfully crafted music, contrary to what many people think. It's interesting to me to hear a musician's thoughts on the infrastructure of metal, to "be inside your brain" for a few moments and learn why not all metal is truly "heavy."

  2. Metal seems to be one of the few genres of music left that requires actual playing skill. Even those bands without melody or songwriting skill, playing straight up 4/4, face-melting beats, have some serious talent.

  3. Metal isn't always easy to listen to but if you "get" it, you open yourself up to a whole new world.