Thursday, January 24, 2013

Alive Today

Right here we stand alive today
Right here we stand alive today
From hand to ground you hear us pray
Right here we stand alive today

Just waiting for a new day
With righteous path for no fame
For all that we do pay
I just wanted to say

We plan on passing by your way soon
As soon as I find my way home
No design, or members to folder
There is no reason at all
The one you seek with promise and virtue
Will rid your pain in one call
Open your eyes and you'll see our real
Escaped from life and walls

I've got alot to say, but I don't you're listening
But you want to stray from everything that keeps control of you
This time I can't say that I didn't have a better try
This way let's run for our lives and we'll continue living what we call life

My mouth is sour from the taste of this textured bullshit on your tongue
I have a broken frame with an imagine of your one track mind
The hate you feel for me only comes from deep inside yourself
The that you take up is subject to change without my premise

We can, we see
We can, we see
We can, we see
We can, we're free



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