Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The world sucks!

Finding peace within a society that is money hungry, is nearly impossible.  Quality is no longer an attribute in production.  In the case of the Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands, talent, and quality and originality are not factors in which this competition is judged.  In fact this competition is not judged at all.  It is all based on a yell off, which has no justification to the most talented band.  When your time slot is based on ticket sales, that are incredibly over priced and the yell off isn't until midnight, it's a wonder only the last 3 bands to perform make top 3.  They sold the most tickets, so they have a crowd at the end of the night to participate in a yell off to determine who wins battle of the bands.  Also when all of these bands are high schooler's that are age 16 and under, and can invite a whole school and church to their show, then a band like ours who doesn't have the convenience of selling tickets to your school, has no chance in winning a competition that isn't on talent at all.  I don't see how the promoter's of Gorilla Music and proudly present a battle of the bands as if it is a talent competition.  Acting as if it is such a great opportunity to play the Masquerade.  I have played the Masquerade multiple times, it's nothing new or exciting.  This business of promoting a battle of the bands is just a money hungry scam in the end.  It's not fair to judge a competition only with a yell off, when most of these bands have probably only played 5 shows in their lives.  A battle of the bands should be judged, with actual judges who determine if the bands who perform are professional, and well rehearsed.  I would just like to use this blog to discourage anyone from accepting any offer's from Gorilla Music.  They went home with a pocket of cash probably upwards of $6000.00.  Now I know they paid alot of that money to the Masquerade for letting Gorilla Music use the venue.  My point of the whole thing is to show how unfair a so called "talent" competition is.  It's not about talent, its about money and that is the problem!  I just want to express my anger in the utter waste of time that this Battle of the Bands was.  I mean sold a few shirts and made a few fans, and we got to play Heaven, woah bigggg deal.  We could have played a better show that would have been more real to our hearts.  We are happy for the response from peers and our overall performance on Sunday night, but we are angered with the sheer scam that Gorilla Music presents.  SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM.  FUCK YOU

bye guys


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  1. It's discouraging to know that exploiting musicians is considered a legitimate enterprise. Clearly, this contest was organized to sell tickets, not to showcase musical talent. What a shame!