Saturday, January 19, 2013

This year

This year is going to be kicking off for BearKnuckle.  The album is on it's way in March, as well as a mini tour of the southeast.  We plan to book more small tours through out the year.  This is something we are all incredibly excited for.  We cannot wait to go to somewhere unknown to us, where no one has heard us.  There is nothing like rocking a brand new crowd.  The feeling when you see people listening to you and knowing they have never heard or met you before is amazing.  This is why having a high energy and dynamic performance is important.  The music is one part of it all, but putting on a show that people remember is the other half of it.  We are greatful for the fans we have made over the last year and all of the face's we see at every show.  Now the goal is to make more fans outside of Atlanta, that we can continue seeing at those shows aswell.  Our show last weekend at BeAtlanta was incredible.  It had been a while since I'd seen that many people packed into that house.  I don't think I've been so sweaty on stage before either.  We hope BearKnuckle's shows will only continue to get bigger, better and wetter!  We are in the process of booking our album release party and trying to decide a line up.  We know there will be four acts total.  We also know we want it to be free entry, so we can make sure everyone can come!  Once this album is done we are going to start writing and recording our next album.  We already have some material written.  I can see it's going to have some new sounds for BearKnuckle.  The main purpose of all of our music to express clear, true, organic emotions through our sounds.  We have alot of emotions to express so just keep listening.  We are excited for the new year and all that we have planned.

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