Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Great awakening?

BearKnuckle started our set at midnight and it was explosive!  The whole crowd was moving to every song.  Everyone gave really great feedback.  I say this was a good first show for the new year.  This marks a year completed as BearKnuckle, and it really shows us how much our drive and love for this band has paid off.  I can only imagine this upcoming year will bring us much more success and enjoyment with the band.  I feel like if we continue to associate with the people in this music scene that we genuinely like and are friends with, we will continue to prosper.  Atlanta's underground rock music scene is incredibly diverse and welcoming as an audience.  It saddens me that this scene is not recognized very far in the more mainstream world.  I have had this very strong underlying feeling that I cannot explain for quite a while now.  I feel like its a feeling that convey's something big to me, and I like to think that it is representing the success of this market in Atlanta.  I wonder if maybe this great awakening that many people talk about that was supposed to be happing in 2012, could be maybe that the music in this market will start to come to the surface.  Maybe people are going to wake up and realize that the majority of the music on the radio is just fabricated mashed up bullshit that we are told to like.  I feel like there is another revolution coming.  I hope it means a change in the mainstreams pallet.  I know people are going to have to get tired of hearing disco bubble gum pop all the time.  1's and 0's are going to get old soon.  People want to hear real instruments, playing real live music.  Nothing can replace the feeling of emotion that a person conveys when they play their instrument.  We at BearKnuckle promise our music will have emotion, from anger to love.  Our performance on stage will convey our spirit's.  Keep your head's up in 2013.  BearKnuckle plans to maul this town.  Figuratively speaking of course.


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  1. Now, that's a mauling to look forward to! I'm excited to see what 2013 brings for BearKnuckle.